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Real-time monitoring and control of equipment from any internet point on the planet Monitor and control equipment from a central, convenient location, such as an office or house. Whether across the road or across the valley, it’s live and it is full control.    

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  Daggaboer Climate Control Management Solutions: Ventilation control – In the event of extreme weather conditions vents can be opened or closed remotely via the Daggaboer Controller system. Temperature: Heating and cooling can be easily monitored and maintained from your controller. Controllers can be used with fogging, pad & fan […]

Greenhouse Climate Control

Our range of Daggaboer controllers can provide a fully automated solution for your hydroponic system. Daggaboer controllers are modular and can be customised to grow as your business grows.  The Daggaboer system is ideal for the high tech control of fertigation systems. Key Features: Control solenoid valves to deliver […]

Hydroponics Automation

Simple One to One arrangements: Start a Pump from the Pivot centre, or other point. ‘Proof-of-running’ means you are assured of remote device status. Safety feature will stop all other devices if one goes down. See actual dam level in mm or meters or %. Monitor dam levels […]

Point to Point

WHY DAGGABOER CONTROLLERS? The innovative Daggaboer pivot controller can start the pump and monitor their status from one controller. Daggaboer provides its customers with a cost effective and efficient controller effective over a long range with multi-function capabilities. Convenience: Mounted at the centre pivot for direct control Easy […]

Pivot Control