Sluice Controller


Before Sluice Automation – All sluices opened by hand and existing equipment nearing complete failure.


After installation – Solar panels installed with remote accessed controllers and hydraulic sluice gate arm.

Automated sluice gate


Daggaboer has developed a fully automated sluice control system that is ideal for Water User Associations and Boards. We worked closely with water users to address their needs and designed our system to provide the ultimate solution in sluice control.

Features include:

  • Fully solar powered or Eskom with backup batteries.
  • Millimetre accuracy control at any distance from the sluice.
    • Additional measuring points can be added along canal.
  • SMS alerts for major faults to multiple personnel.
  • Tamper alarm option available
  • DBnet Online Service provides connectivity at an annual subscription rate:
    • All equipment is fully live, with up to the millisecond access.
    • Remote login from any internet connected device such as PC, Cell phone or tablet – no app download.
    • Make level changes.
    • Check status of batteries.
    • Make changes to gate behaviour.
  • Control centre capability for multiple control and monitoring points.
  • No unique equipment or specially imported components.
    • Use your on preferred electrician or mechanical staff for maintenance
    • Made to be installed with minimum disruption to existing equipment
  • Can be incorporated into existing equipment
  • Fully adaptable – will fit all types of sluice gates

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