Sluice and Irrigation Automation Solutions

Our innovative water and sluice control solutions provide users with remote access, scheduled changes, and autonomous operation.

Innovative Water solutions

Our automated remote sluice gate solutions provide monitoring, data collection, and accurate reporting. Less guessing, more accuracy.

Innovative Sluice solutions

Intelligent Sluice Control

  • Fully solar powered and autonomous.
  • SMS alerts to multiple personnel.
  • Change levels remotely with your smart phone or laptop.
  • Modular and adaptable.
  • Data collection.
  • Battery status.


  • Control at any distance.
  • Additional measuring points can be added.
  • Millimetre accuracy.

Water User Benefits

Developed for water users who need to continuously control water take-off, especially on remote sites with limited access. Reduces Water Board disputes and eliminates estimates.

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